Apr. 12th, 2012

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Today went pretty fast.

I woke up before my alarm (always nice when that happens), so I went for some breakfast, sitting in my usual place.

After that was water aerobics, which was fun because we used those foam noodle things in a strength work out. I am kind of amazed how easily the women in the video kept their hair perfectly dry. I found that focusing on keeping my hair dry helped in my concentration.

After water aerobics, I did my usual rush over to Starbucks, where I tried a lovely coffee frappiccino with sugarfree vanilla junk in it. I think I'll try a cinnamon version next week.

After that was a four hour The Sims 3 marathon where I'm working on my Youshidrou clan opus...my long term goal is to populate the town completely with this one family's descendants. It probably won't be possible, y'know, but it's fun to work towards.

Around six I went to a panel run by the local LGBT organization about "Yaoi and Yuri". I was basically the only one that showed up (I even got carded, what the hell), and I got a poor Powerpoint and some random video talking about Yaoi and Yuri in terms of communication. I came in expecting at least some graphic imagery, what I got was a couple of poor fanvids and a shitty Powerpoint.

No awkward discussion of seme or uke, nothing fun. No reading of badly translated erotica, nothing! It was all very...sanitized. I mean, they would of done a better job if they had read the wikipedia page. There was a not-striptease in the Yaoi video, but it was IRL and a girl plus I didn't even see any skin. So I'm not counting it.

And they used the term "hentai" wrong a couple of times. I mean, of all the terms they threw around, why get hentai wrong?

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So I'm still at school because of the guidance appointment tomorrow, as such I am offered the unique opportunity of viewing my housemates on a Thursday night. There are a lot of people here, including the obnoxious red head that I would strongly dislike if I cared to remember her name.

My roommate V already swept me off for a surprise Taco Bell run, so I am nursing an enormous Baja Blue Mountain Dew (ahem, MTN DEW).

My girlfriend also strongly hinted that she would show up at school after my appointment, so we'll see how that goes.

I also managed to destroy my headphones only a couple of days after opening them, so I've applied some balm to my wounds via these lovely cinnamon twists (also from Taco Bell).



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