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Name:M. J.
Birthdate:Sep 17
Location:United States of America [original image not mine]

21. Female. Likes movies, television, fashion, reading, sleeping, and Betta Fish.

Personal journal entries are friend-locked as of 5/23/11.

I am always looking for more lj buddies, feel free to friend.

Favorite foods: Fruit, carrots, celery, pretzels, yogurt, pasta, seafood
Favorite drinks: Coffee (dark), soda (diet), tea (warm and iced), water, whiskey with cola, warm sake, hard cider.


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1984, [adult swim], a tribe called quest, almost transparent blue, ani difranco, barbara gordon, batgirl, bdsm, ben folds, bishoujo senshi sailormoon, blogstalking, blood, bondage, brave new world, chaos, charles xavier, cosmo kramer, dan ashcroft, data, dave brown, death note, dee plume, demisexual, demisexuality, dennis the head shaman, deus ex human revolution, doctor who, donna noble, elaine benes, eleventh doctor, fanfiction, festivus, garth marenghi's darkplace, george costanza, green lantern, happosai, harry potter, het, himym, holmes on homes, how i met your mother, jason alexander, jerry seinfeld, john watson, jrock, julia davis, julia louis-dreyfus, julian barratt, jun onose, kyle rayner, lady gaga, leonard mccoy, leroy jethro gibbs, lgbta, maito gai, matt berry, michael fielding, michael richards, mobile suit gundam wing, mr. smith goes to washington, naboo, naruto uzumaki, ncis, newman, nightwing, nin, nine inch nails, noel fielding, one piece, orochimaru, pansexual, pansexuality, pete sweet, picard, pokemon, pop culture references, quatre rabera winner, resident evil, rich fulcher, richard ayoade, robots in disguise, rock lee, rogue, rory williams, saboo, sailor moon, sailormercury, seinfeld, serenity now, shaman, sherlock, slash, sleeping, smut, spock, star trek, stephanie brown, sue denim, superboy, t-pain, the beatles, the it crowd, the matrix, the mighty boosh, the pixies, the sims, threesome, tony harrison, trowa barton, tsunade, tuxedo kamen, wallace wells, wufei chang, x-men, xander harris, xbox
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